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Trans 101: FAQ

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Q: Why can’t transgender people just be gay? / Isn’t transition homophobic because it forces gay men and lesbians to become straight women and straight men?

Q: Why can’t transgender people just be feminine men or masculine women? / Doesn’t this reinforce sexist stereotypes about what men and women ‘should’ be like?

Q: Is being transgender a mental illness?

Q: How is being transgender different from believing you’re a duck or attack helicopter?

Q: How can I know if I am transgender?

Q: If I experience gender dysphoria, does that mean I have to transition?

Q: Do all transgender people take hormones or have surgery?

Q: How long does hormone therapy last?

Q: How does someone become transgender?

Q: Why are so many transgender people over-the-top feminine or masculine?

Q: What about transracial people who identify as another race?

Q: People with Body Dysmorphic Disorder (or anorexia) are treated with psychiatric help, not surgery. Shouldn’t transgender people also be treated with therapy instead of allowed to change their bodies?

Q: Is it true that transitioning and surgery increase suicide risk in transgender people?

Q: Do people regret transitioning?

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