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Common Myths

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Here are some of the common myths surrounding transgender people. Due to overlaps in content, some are instead covered on our FAQ page.

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Myth: People only become transgender when they transition

Myth: Transitioning makes people suicidal

Myth: Transitioning doesn’t treat the root of the problem and worsens mental health

Myth: Transgender people are just self-hating gays

Myth: Most people regret transitioning / surgery

Myth: Johns Hopkins doctors discovered that medical transition harmed rather than helped transgender people and thus stopped providing such services

Myth: Transgender people cannot know for sure what gender they are until they hit puberty / 18 years old

Myth: The vast majority of transgender children cease to be transgender in adulthood

Myth: Being transgender is the result of bad parenting

Myth: Leading American pediatricians have declared letting children transition to be child abuse

Myth: Transgender women commit sexual assault at a similar rate as cisgender men

Myth: Transgender men transition to escape sexism and/or gain male privilege

Myth: Transgender people do not want to be treated as men or women, but a separate gender

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