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Universal Periodic Review 2021
TransgenderSG and Sayoni have collaborated with the Asia Pacific Transgender Network (APTN) to submit a joint stakeholder report to the United Nations, in preparation for Singapore’s third Universal Periodic Review (UPR) in 2021. You can read our press release and download the full report at the link. This is the first UPR report to focus exclusively on transgender issues in Singapore.

I’ll Walk with You: Guide for Parents of Transgender Children
A parents’ guide on understanding and supporting their trans child in a Singaporean context, created in collaboration with other local LGBTQ organisations.

Supporting Transgender Students in Singapore
A guide for teachers and educators, created in collaboration with TransBefrienders.

Challenges Facing the Transgender Community in Singapore: A Quantitative Review
The full report for our 2020 survey of the Singaporean trans community.

Being Transgender and Christian
New series of articles begun by Free Community Church and written by trans Christians in Singapore.

Response to the ‘Transgenderism’ webinar by Dr Quentin Van Meter
We’ve written a response to the webinar hosted by Jason Wong of Focus on the Family Singapore (the webinar was held in his personal capacity) and featuring Dr Quentin Van Meter from ACPeds.

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