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Voice Training

While testosterone therapy typically results in a male-range voice, feminising HRT does not have any effect on voice after puberty.

Many trans women and transfeminine people therefore undergo voice training to learn how to use their voice in order to speak in pitches and tones consistent with a female vocal blueprint. You can do this by yourself through online guides and vocal training apps, or through professional voice therapy sessions.

Transgender men and other transmasculine people who are not on HRT or wish to have a more masculine voice may also consider voice training.

You may consider seeing a speech therapist for voice training under the public health system, if you are transitioning and obtaining gender-affirming HRT from public healthcare.

Here are two providers we know of that gave us permission to be publicly listed:

A Million Things To Say: The Voice and Stuttering Clinic

This voice clinic offers voice therapy for trans women and men, with experience in working with past clients.

“Gwyneth has more than 15 years of experience in treating voice disorders (since 2003) in both public hospitals and in her private clinic. She is a rehabilitation specialist, treating patients who have high voice demands and complicated voice issues. She has worked with the specific voice needs of both singers and voice feminisation for transgender clients (with or without voice feminisation surgery). Together with her voice therapy experience and singing training, she is skilled at picking up nuances in the voice and modifying it.”

Address: 210 New Upper Changi Road, #03-729, Singapore 460210
Contact: (65) 92985421 or email amillionthingstosay(at)

The Speech Practice

“As the former principal speech therapist for the voice service at Singapore General Hospital’s Speech Therapy Department, I received referrals from doctors at the Institute of Mental Health’s Gender Care and Tan Tock Seng Hospital’s Endocrinology clinics. Since 2017, I’ve trained over 25 transgender patients, primarily male to female, on voice feminisation and other gender-related aspects of communication. With a dedicated portion of my clinical practice on transgender care, it has been deeply enjoyable getting to know these patients as individuals and helping them to reach their voice goals over the past two years.

“Having recently transitioned to private practice, I would love to continue working with transgender individuals who wish to modify their voices.”

Contact: (65) 9126 4322 or email
Address: The Speech Practice, Singapore Shopping Centre,190 Clemenceau Ave, #02-28, S239924

We have one more private listing which you can email us to know about. You can email us at contacttransgendersg(at) to get in touch.

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