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Serving the Singaporean transgender community

(We are looking for volunteers! If you are interested to help out, drop us an email at contacttransgendersg at with your skillset and availability. Trans people are especially encouraged to apply.)

Whether you are transgender yourself, have a loved one who just came out, are a healthcare provider or simply wish to find out more about transgender issues in Singapore, we hope that within these pages you will find useful information, support, and the assurance that you are not alone.

Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions not covered on this site.


13 August 2022: There have been factual errors on transgender children in The Straits Times article “377A: Putting Children First” by Jason Wong and Mohd Khair, published on 4 August 2022. Read the factual corrections on the validity of transgender children here.

25 July 2021: Last year, we conducted the first nation-wide survey of the trans community on issues ranging from employment to healthcare access. You can download the report here.

19 March 2021: We’ve written a response to the ‘Transgenderism’ webinar hosted by Jason Wong and featuring Dr Quentin Van Meter from ACPeds.

17 March 2021: Read the press release on the Universal Periodic Review report that we co-submitted with Sayoni and the Asia Pacific Transgender Network. You can download the full report here

22 October 2020: We’ve published a press release on the Universal Periodic Review report that we co-submitted with Sayoni and the Asia Pacific Transgender Network.

May 2020: We’ve since had Tamil translators get in touch with us; thank you so much!

April 2020: We’re conducting a nation-wide survey of the trans community in Singapore. If you’re living in Singapore and consider yourself a trans or gender diverse person, please help us by filling it in!

26 March 2020: Updated Trans Healthcare in Singapore page. Our Tamil translator has meanwhile dropped out, so do contact us if that’s something you’ll be able to help with! Lastly, the TransBefrienders programme has recently launched for trans youths looking for older peers for guidance and support. We also do monthly meetups as a group, usually in person but currently through video conferencing.

28 December 2019: Chinese translations for the Common Myths page and Gender Dysphoria Diagnosis page are up on the website! With much thanks to translator Xavier Chua.

17 September 2019: We’ve secured Malay and Tamil translators, and hope to have those translations up over the next few months! Revised Finding Support page and created a dedicated Voice Training page and Contact Us page.

13 August 2018: As of August 2018, endocrinologists may sign the Medical Examination Report for change of legal sex. Visit this page for the full requirements.

23 May 2018: We’re very grateful to Shou Chenyan from the University Scholars Programme, NUS, who helped us do a Chinese translation for some of our pages. Chinese versions of the homepage, Terminology and FAQ are now available.

5 April 2018: Updated Changing Documents page to reflect ICA requirements as of late 2017.

Disclaimer: Information on this site is for general information only. It does not constitute legal or medical advice and is not a substitute for obtaining advice from a qualified professional. We do not represent or warrant that this information is suitable, reliable, complete, accurate or up-to-date.