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Finding Support

The T Project

Founded by transgender activist June Chua, The T Project is committed to empowering the transgender community in Singapore. They run a shelter for homeless transgender people, and recently launched a community resource centre that provides peer counselling services and hosts various events and workshops. Find out more at their website by clicking on the link above.


Oogachaga is a community-based counselling, support and personal development agency for LGBTQ individuals, couples and families. We come under the umbrella of SPACES Counselling and Community Limited. Counselling services are available face-to-face, through phone, WhatsApp or email.

Trans* it! (under The Purple Alliance)

Trans* it! aims to support trans* identified individuals in their lives, be it their social or physical transition, or just to provide a listening ear and increase trans* visibility in Singapore.

The Relational Counselling Studio

Andrea Mayrhofer at the Relational Counselling Studio (22 Eng Hoon Street) specialises in subjects including transgender issues. Enquiries are welcome by phone (+65 94373705), SMS or e-mail (andrea.mayrhofer(at)

Kopitiam Brothers

A bi-monthly makan meetup group for trans men in Singapore. Its founder, Sham, also runs a shelter for trans men. Rent is under $500 a month for a room that can accommodate two.


Online forum for transgender people in Singapore (mostly trans women)

SAFE Singapore

SAFE Singapore aims to provide information, resources and support for family and friends of LGBTQ persons.

Inter-University LGBT Network

The Inter-University LGBT Network is a network for organisations in Singapore universities to collaborate in fostering safer and more inclusive school communities for everyone regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.

Member groups:

Gender Collective (Cinammon College, NUS)

tFreedom (Tembusu College, NUS)

G Spot (Yale-NUS)

Kaleidoscope (NTU)

Out To Care (SMU)

Young Out Here

Young Out Here aims to provide a safe and inclusive space for LGBTQ youths in Singapore and build a social support network between its participants.

Rainbow Parents SG

Rainbow Parents SG is an informal social group of LGBTQ parents living in Singapore with our children.

Free Community Church

Free Community Church is an LGBT-affirmative congregation of diverse individuals and families gathering to worship and grow as a Christian community.

FCC includes an unofficial Bible study group of trans men eating their way around the Bukit Timah area. They welcome other trans men, trans women and non-binary people to join.

The Sons

Facebook group for trans men in Singapore

Break the Binary

Facebook group for trans men in Singapore, mostly youths

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