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As transgender issues become more visible, many parents have been voicing concerns and confusion over the rise in youths and children coming out as transgender and wishing to transition. Some are concerned that this is due to social media or “social contagion” influencing confused teenagers to identify as trans, or that some parents are forcing their children to transition, perhaps because they wanted a child of the other sex.

In this section, we aim to provide more clarity and address some of those concerns.

(Note: the Chinese translations are incomplete.)

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Q: Why are so many young people coming out as trans?

Q: Aren’t children too young to know if they are trans? Is it true that most of them will grow out of it?

Q: Is my teenager identifying as trans because of social media or peer pressure?

Q: Are kids being rushed into transition?

Q: Am I a bad parent if my child is transgender?

Q: Did American pediatricians declare that transition is child abuse?

Q: What do I do if my child comes out as transgender?

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