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Our mission is to to pool together the collective knowledge and experiences of the transgender community so we can maintain and expand Singapore’s largest online resource for the trans community and its allies.

Frequently asked questions

1) Do I have to be trans to volunteer?

No. We are merely looking for passionate individuals who can help us build our resource networks. We believe in a diverse and inclusive Singapore, and you should have the requisite skills to volunteer for us.

2) How many hours do I have to commit per week?

This depends on the type of role, but we are usually asking for up to 0.5-3 hours per week of work.

3) How long do I have to commit?

This depends on the type of role as well — we require a year’s commitment minimum for those who manage healthcare and transition email (or Instagram) enquiries, as they are personal and need to be handled with care and process.

Other roles may begin with a short-term project of 3 months or so, or run with 1-2 articles.


Editorial and content positions

Social media content producers

We’re looking for 1-2 social media content producers who can help us create social media posts for our Instagram page based off of our research and resources, as well as stories from the transgender community.

Producers will be taught basic layout on Adobe Illustrator and copywriting, among other skills.

Graphic designers (social media)

We are looking for graphic designers who can help us create content for our Instagram page. This is a role that requires some knowledge of art and drawing; knowledge of Adobe Illustrator or another illustration software tool (Procreate, for instance) is preferred.

Web designers

We are looking for 1-2 web designers who can help with our overall website redesign. This is a role that requires some knowledge of HTML and WordPress; knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or another illustration software tool (Procreate, for instance) is preferred.

Research advocate

Join our team as a research advocate dedicated to advancing transgender equitability.

As a researcher, you will investigate systemic issues and collaborate with writers to turn data into narratives and evidence-based arguments for positive change. You will be a careful and thoughtful writer, with a huge dose of empathy.


We are looking for people who can help with translating our resource pages into the other three official languages — Chinese, Malay and Tamil.

Translation experience would be required.

Community building positions

Community support

We are looking for 2-3 volunteers who have a level of attention to detail, with healthcare or biochemical knowledge to help respond queries regarding transition, counselling and other resources. This position requires a year of commitment, and training will be provided.

Resource librarian

This role will be to revamp, gather and update our internal resource libraries from our regular callouts for data! You’ll be here to support what is essentially the backbone of our work at TransgenderSG.

Some experience with data organisation will be needed.


Empower change as a volunteer fundraiser — join us in raising vital funds to support transgender rights and community initiatives. Your dedication will directly contribute to fostering inclusivity and combating discrimination through our research initiatives and organising work.

Whether organizing events, reaching out to donors, or utilising your creative ideas, your efforts will make a lasting impact. Be a part of our mission to create a more inclusive Singapore for transgender individuals.

Community builder

This will be a volunteer who helps to manage and engage volunteers, and sets up regular connects internally within TransgenderSG.

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