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I’ll Walk With You

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I’ll Walk With You is a guide for parents of transgender children to answer their frequently asked questions about what it means to be transgender, and to transition. Collectively worked on by transgender representatives from Oogachaga, Project X, The T Project, and TransgenderSG, this guide aims to be a companion to parents who may be feeling lost, confused, or distressed about their child’s gender identity, while also affirming their transgender children. 

“I’ll Walk With You is a timely condensed guide for parents who need information or help in navigating this bewildering world of evolving social and gender situations. The Coming Out by your child and their plans for transitioning are likely to cause distress for both of you. The feelings of Fear, Confusion, Anxiety and Doubt are understandable. Stay calm. Read this document carefully as it will help to allay some of your concerns. 

As parents, our foremost reward for having children is their happiness and wellbeing. Love them for what they are, keep them good company on their journey and … … walk together.”


Quoted with permission from: Congregaytion

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